Find your cell phone: This is how it’s done for free for iPhone and Android:

Find your cell phone: This is how it's done for free

Thanks to numerous on-board tools, you can easily locate your mobile phone, regardless of whether it is an Android smartphone or an iPhone. While Apple is relying on iCloud, Google has created its own app for cell phone location. Alternatively, there are plenty of third-party location apps to download for free. We will help you to track down your lost smartphone immediately.

Cell Phone Location Made Easy.

Has your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone disappeared? Then most users proceed pragmatically and call the lost devices via landline or a second cell phone? But what do you do when the doorbell doesn’t ring anywhere? Then usually only one thing helps: You have to locate your cell phone. But do not worry, this is completely free and with the on-board resources of the provider. 

Important:  But there is one thing you must not forget so that you can locate your cell phone in the worst case, you must activate the location function on the device in advance. We show how it works.

Cell Phone Tracking with and without GPS

If you have activated location on your smartphone, you can locate a lost cell phone from other smartphones or from the PC. It does not matter whether, for example, GPS is activated on the lost smartphone or not. Several functions are used for localization, GPS is one of them, but the cellular radio stations used and WiFi data are also included. You may also be able to locate a cell phone from which the GPS is disconnected. The more technologies Android or iOS can use for location, the more precisely the location can be determined. If the phone is switched off or offline, the location shows the last known location.

The most convenient way to locate a cell phone is from a PC or notebook, but you can also use a second cell phone or tablet to find a lost device. We show how you can track down the expensive iPhone and which service Google offers for locating Android devices. Samsung also offers help when it comes to locating the in-house cell phones. There are also additional apps for mobile phone tracking.

Find The iPhone for Free

The same applies to the iPhone: activate the location of the device, then you are well prepared in the event of a loss. The location runs via iCloud and requires an Apple ID, the central Apple user account. As an iPhone user, you have this in use anyway because you can’t download apps from the store without an Apple ID. In the “Settings” under “Apple ID,” go to the “iCloud” item and set “Find my iPhone” to “On.”

Locate iPhone: Once activated, you can use iCloud to locate your iPhone from any browser. All you have to do is log in with the Apple ID used on the iPhone, and the service will show the last known location of your iPhone on a map.

Find Android for Free

Google has also built a location function permanently for several Android generations. Unsurprisingly, a Google account is used for this. So you have to be logged in with your Google account on your smartphone, and location detection has to be switched on. The exact way differs depending on the Android version. Try “Google Settings” or tap “Settings / Google” and then “Location” or “Security & Location.” Activate “Location with high accuracy.”

You must then explicitly activate the “Find my device” option. You can find it under “Security” or, for different Android versions, under “Google Security” or “Security & Location.”

Locate Android cell phone:  You can easily log in with the Google account using the Google service. Find my device and then display the last registered location of the cell phone on a map.

Lock or Delete Cell Phone if Lost

Ideally, you will quickly find your lost cell phone, and it was just in the office, or you forgot it at a friend’s house. But what do you do if you can’t get your cell phone back so quickly? Even then, the functions shown above offer further options.

Lock Mobile Phone

You can lock the smartphone remotely via iCloud or the Android device manager and display a message on the device. For example, leave your landline number so that an honest finder can contact you.

Play the Signal

But it could also be that your mobile phone is under the seat on the train and nobody has discovered it yet. For such cases, you can have a rather penetrating signal tone played. If someone is near your cell phone, they would have to be deaf to fail to hear.

Erase Cell Phone

The last measure is radical and only recommended if you are fairly sure that you can write off the cell phone. You can also remotely erase iPhone and Android smartphones. Once you’ve done that, you won’t be able to locate it again.

Prevent Cell Phone Tracking

The location function for cell phones is practical if you have lost your device. But it also has a disadvantage: since the location is done using the services of Apple, Google, and Microsoft, the location data is shared with the tech companies. Anyone who is concerned about data protection may want to prevent that.

The first step is then not to activate the location described above via iCloud or Android device manager, or Microsoft account. But that alone is not enough because location data is also collected in this way. Google users disconnect the recording of the Google account locations, the so-called location history, under “Data and Personalization” in the “Activity Settings.” But the data octopus doesn’t make it that easy; web services and apps can still use location data. Turn off the “Web and App Activities” option in the activity settings.

iPhone users visit “Location Services” in the settings under “Privacy.” There, the topic of location can be deactivated centrally or controlled on an app basis.

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