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The technology has conventionally transformed our way of living and conventional lifestyle. Today, we see the internet and e-commerce, influencing our businesses the way we could never have imagined. The evolving trends in the web development industry are the reasons why we have customer centric solutions to every problem. All the functionalities and facilities are just a tap away from users through various mobile applications and websites. That being said, we cannot neglect PHP as an ever emerging technology trend in the web development market. PHP has significantly witnessed growth in the recent years. When it comes to overall reliability of a website or application, enterprises hire dedicated PHP developers to rely on an ideal framework for their digital presence.  

However, we should consider certain applications, advantages and flourishing examples of PHP framework before making a smart business decision. To make it easy for you, we have assembled a list of some of the popular frameworks of PHP along with their uses for a better understanding.

But before we move ahead, let us first understand What is PHP and why is it so popular among enterprises?

What is PHP?

Programming languages are limited to certain functions and features. Therefore, to perform actions you will need to find errors, write codes, and check whether it fulfills your requirements or not. To simplify this process, there are shortcuts called frameworks that can help you with resources saving your time and efforts.

One of the most popular one among these frameworks is PHP framework. It is a pre-written collection of PHP code that can be applied to your business project for effective results. PHP frameworks act as a base that offer a unique look and distinctive set of functionalities to business applications.

PHP was also known as Hypertext Preprocessor and works as an open source server side scripting language. It enables you to develop powerful applications in the shortest time possible.

Now, there are endless reasons why you should choose PHP frameworks for your business applications. Some of the major ones are as follows :

  • Fast loading Speed
  • Great Database Diversity
  • High Performance
  • Improved Stability
  • Supports CMS
  • Enables cross platform system

Now that we know, why PHP is the primary choice for many enterprises, let us take a look at some of the most popular frameworks that PHP offers that can suit every business vision.


1. Laravel :

Laravel is one of the most popular open source PHP frameworks, ranked at No.10 in a global survey by developers. It helps in building the most robust business applications by simplifying fundamental tasks such as security, routing, caching and authentication.

Uses of Laravel :

  • Laravel has functions that make it an amazing platform to develop distinctive applications even with a complex backend.
  • It also allows customization of apps to fit the project requirements. This includes security, data migration and MVC architecture support.
  • Since the biggest aspect of any application platform is its security, Laravel also allows a speedy development with highly secure web applications.

2. Symfony :

Symfony has been existing in the web industry since 2005 and is rated among the earliest frameworks of PHP. Due to its traditional features, it has become a reliable framework for developing web applications. It is also called an extensive PHP framework that follows all the guidelines and PHP standards.

Uses of Symfony :

  • Symfony is flexible and can easily be employed with other projects such as Drupal. Hence, you can install it and work it with various platforms.
  • Due to its reusable components, symfony allows fast app development.
  • It also has a favorable module system and requires very small memory space.
  • You can also use certain software building blocks like forms management and translation management through Symfony, offering interoperability features.

3. CodeIgniter :

CodeIgniter was rated the most preferred frameworks among the enterprises back in 2019. The platform was first established in 2006 and offers pre built modules which makes coding more than easy for developers.

Uses of CodeIgniter

  • Enterprises hire PHP coders, due to its speed and versatility. Among all the PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter stands on the top for its high speed performance.
  • It can be a super useful and ideal for startups and beginners as it comes up with a very simple set of libraries.
  • Since its been existing for about 12 years in the industry now, CodeIgniter is reliable and displays minimal logs.
  • CodeIgniter also has a well illustrated database which helps in developing user friendly platforms.

4. CakePHP :

CakePHP comes with an expandable architecture, which helps developing simple yet mindful and attractive applications. Apart from that, it’s a CRUD ( create, read, update and delete ) framework which is very easy to learn.

Uses of CakePHP

  • Since CakePHP is very easy to use, it can be an ideal alternative for beginners. The CRUD framework provides features of creating standalone libraries, in the most simplified manner.
  • It has been in existence since 2005 and has timely improvised session management to keep the project owners updated with any technological changes.
  • CakePHP also offers additional security due to features like cross-site scripting protection and cross-site forgery protection and input validation.

5. Zend :

Zend is an object oriented platform that allows you to incorporate customized functionalities suiting your needs. It has an oriented and extended community base that can help you with any technical challenge worldwide.

Uses of Zend :

  • Zend provides excellent speed and efficiency.
  • It is highly flexible and offers multiple components so that developers can choose the desired ones to increase the functionality of their applications.
  • The library components offered by Zend are light-weighted, hence, easy-to-use.

Wrapping Up

We have listed the most recommended PHP frameworks by the experts in the web development industry. Although the categories can differentiate on the basis of the scale of your project application. For Instance, If you are a beginner, you can choose between Laravel and CodeIgniter. Laravel can also be used for building large scale eCommerce websites. However, If you still run uncertain, you always have PHP programmers for hire, to smoothen out the entire development process for you. When you have PHP, you do not have to worry about reliability and usability. How to monitor employee internet usage.

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