5 Best and Worst Things for Sony VAIO Laptop User

Things for Sony VAIO Laptop User


Today everybody wants a personal Laptop to work. Whether you are a student, working in the office, a teacher, etc. You cannot imagine working without a laptop. They are preferred more than PCs. Because they are portable and easy to handle.

There are so many different brands available in laptops. Like Dell, Lenovo, Sony VAIO, etc. Each brand has its own qualities and features. Let us talk about the Sony VAIO laptops. They are back in the market for one more time.  

In this article, you will learn about the best and worst things for the Sony VAIO Laptop Users. This will help you in making the right choice while buying these laptops in future.

Five Best things for Sony VAIO Laptop Users

Let us discuss some best qualities of the Sony VAIO laptops for its users.

1. Convenient to use

Also unlike other laptops, they have very light weight. You can carry them anywhere anytime with you. They are very convenient to use. Laptop like this makes various activities so easy like, online money transaction activities, completing your school projects, revenue generation activities, online teaching, etc. you can continue working from anywhere.

2. Flexible Power options

This is the most common feature you will find in every laptop. They have rechargeable batteries. Unlike computers, they can be carried anywhere with their batteries. You can charge them whenever there’s a need. After fully charging them, you can use it without connecting a charger.

3. Good Performance level

One more thing to consider with the Sony VAIO laptops is their optimum performance level. They are no less in offering a fast processing speed to its users. You can easily make internet connections and continue your work uninterruptedly.

In order to get the optimum performance out of these laptops, you should have the correct Sony VAIO drivers Windows 10 version. It is important to update them timely. You can either manually or automatically update the VAIO drivers. You can buy them manually through their manufacturer’s website. Or you can select to buy a driver updater software from the market. Such driver updaters not only download the correct drivers but also improve the overall performance of your laptop.

4. Versatile

There are a variety of features that the Sony VAIO laptops offer to its users. They offer you the facility of home theatres. They offer large audio and video playing features to its users. You can store videos in large quantities on your laptop. Also, getting more space is not that difficult, if you know about the best photo duplicate finder tools in the market. You can always take their help to remove the duplicate images and get some free space to store your favorite files (audio and video).

With the help of an external disk also, the storage capacity of the laptops can be enhanced. What can be better than that?

5. Learning has become very easy

A large population of the students is equipped with laptops. They are studying and completing their projects with the help of their laptops. The teachers and the students interact with each other online. The best source of interaction is a laptop. The students can attend their classes online and teachers can teach online through the laptops.

The use of books, a black or white board has been replaced by the power point presentations on laptops. This has made the learning process more easy, interesting and advanced.

Five worst things about the Sony VAIO Laptop Users

If there are some positive points, there are some negative points also. The Sony VAIO Laptop users must have come across some drawbacks also. Let us read about them now.

1. Short Battery Life

You cannot ignore the fact that the battery life of laptops is very short. You can work on a laptop without using a charger for a maximum of three hours. They have their own power adapters. It is essential that the laptops also come with a standard power cord. For example, the Smartphone come with the microUSB chargers.

2. Small Touchpad

The bad part about the Sony VAIO laptops is that its touchpad is very small. It has small keys. You can say that the size of the keys is only a bit bigger than the gap each key has in between. Why is the size of the keys so small? You can only wonder about it. The reason may be that they are not meant to be used by the one with the hands of an adult size.

3. Keyboard Quality is Poor

The keyboard quality of the laptops is not that good. You can easily upgrade the Random Access Memory as well as the hard-drives. But you cannot do the same with the keyboards of your laptop. They are once spoiled, then cannot be replaced. Due to the cheap quality of keyboards offered, it can be a big drawback for its users.

4. Improper Function Keys

You are all the masters of using the function keys on your keyboard that is full-sized. The work gets very easy due to the function keys. You will see that there is a gap after every four function keys. So, you can press the keys without even looking at them.

In case of laptops, the case is different. There is no indentation between the function keys. That is a drawback for all laptop users.

5. Short Lifespan

Laptops like Sony VAIO are very portable. You all know it very well. But do you know that according to a survey, the lifespan of most of the portable laptops is just two to three years. A healthy laptop lasts for a maximum of three to four years only, not more than that. So, this is not very good news for all the laptop users.


Everything in this world has a positive side and a negative side, be it technology itself. You must have learnt about both the worst and good parts of the Laptops. If you are planning to buy a laptop, don’t just consider its worst side but also the positive side. That’s all Folks! 

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