You know about Alien Ware Concept UFO Prototype:

Alien ware concept UFO prototype

How many of you have been craving to play games like Rocket league or mortal Combat? Alien ware is back with a Marvelous prototype in the form of UFO; amongst popular personal computer gaming, alien ware concept UFO by utilizing both of your hands, and you could connect it with your P.C. or television set. If you have windows 10, you can avail features similar to the Nintendo switch. If you go through the features, you will find two controllers for gaming. The parent series of this is Dell among the tenth generation Intel core processing system. Most of the reviews and websites have suggested that Intel will run the overall product on the 10th generation ice Lake Core processor. The graphics will be wonderful, which will make you feel like playing on a real playground or road. However, Dell has not revealed its pricing patterns yet, so we are just hoping to let it come into the market soon.

Special Features and Specifications of Alien Ware Concept UFO Prototype:

In terms of features and specifications, the UFO prototype is going to offer an 8-inch display. It will work at a resolution of 1900 X 1200 pixels. Apart from that, if we look into the mechanism, Dell has designed this UFO prototype with multiple angles for high-speed racing games. The device is quite handy and you could connect it to a central hub. There are switch-like buttons for you to hold and play with both hands. If you want to enjoy playing your favorite games, connect it with other a television set of your monitor by using a USB C port. It will support the thunderbolt.  One has ever experienced the ultimate gaming tool so far.

  • Specification:

There are four pieces i.e. the main head (consisting of 8 inc-1200 p video display), battery, graphics hardware, processing unit. Closely connected with it, there are two controllers connected with a magnetic rail unit. You even get a hub for fast gaming, which resembles just like a joy-con controller grip that many of us might have used for gaming. The function of this is to combine the attached controllers by using either of the two i.e. the television or P.C set or the head unit.

  • Design:

Every unit looks fabulous in a white plastic form and it is handy. It is the reason why you can carry it anywhere you are going and it will give you uninterrupted gaming without any break and UFO prototype comes are placed on the top and bottom portions of every unit that you use so you can play games fearlessly and charge it whenever you want. In terms of an operating system, it is compatible with windows 10. It is hardly one kilogram in weight.

Overall Review:

We are still waiting to know about battery performance, pricing, and a few more details from the UFO prototype. One thing is for certain, it will be the best buy for us.  

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