Things about Vivo Z5 that you need to know:

Ever since Vivo series has announced its plan to launch its Z5 series, there is an excitement amongst all of us to buy it. The date of the launch proposed to be January 2020. In all Android series, there has not been a stop in terms of quality. After using a mobile device for a few months, we start to look for what is new and economical.

In this article, let us have an idea about what new we can get in this range. Vivo Z5 comes in a perfect size of 6.38 inches that is quite handy for all of us. At the same time, you do not have to worry about internal memory. Vivo Z5 offers you a considerable storage space of 64 GB. If you want to store movies, big games kike Pubg and others, you can expand the storage still up to 256 GB. What can beat this?

Why Vivo Z5 is going to be Popular among People:

Vivo series hand is one quite popular among people because of its exclusive features. You can get an operating system of Android 9 version. If we survey over the developments of competitor brands like Oppo, Samsung, i-phone and other ranges, we would find features like LED flash, special camera systems enabled on front and rear side, fast-charging facilities, and other advantages. In Vivo Z5, there is all such a facility equipped on the mobile. Hence, it is the best buy among the budget criteria.

Why We can Buy Vivo Z5:

Sim Allotment and other Multiple Facilities:

There are going to be sim slots in the Vivo Z5 range. The sim type is a nano sim form with Bluetooth 5 facility in it. Apart from that, we can avail of various forms of sensors like light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer. We can freely avail of uninterrupted service by means VOLTE enabled with each Vivo Z5 set. It is one reason why many of us are already going to buy it, once the phone launches. For youngsters Vivo Z5 bring good news. Vivo Z5 is going to offer you with a bezel-less display mode complied with a waterdrop notch.

Triple Camera-enabled Phone:

Vivo Z5 has planned to provide three cameras to its users through this phone. There is going to be 2 MP and the other if an 8 mp camera. The third camera would be of 48 MP, which can cover minute the details from wider angles. It is a feature specially designed to meet your needs. This is not the end. Vivo Z5 will even provide a 32 MP camera more to your purpose.

Attractive Features of the Phone:

So far, you have read about the main feature that this phone is going to offer. One attractive feature of this phone is going to offer a face lock feature. Most of us are curious to use phones that can come with unique phone lock features. Face lock feature has indeed made the phone quite in demand and we are all waiting for it.

Vivo Z5 has decided to launch its Z5 series, early January this year. Our wait for a perfect phone is now over.

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