10 Incredible Game for Windows PC in 2021

10 Incredible Game for Windows PC in 2021

Do you like playing games on PC? Which game do you like the most? Do you spend most of your time playing games on PC? Well, every game admirer asks this question from the other. There is a huge list of games available for you on PC. It is difficult to decide which is the best game to play.

The game lovers may know the list of incredible games that they can play and enjoy on PC. But if you are a first timer, and need some help, you have come to the right place. Every game has some or the other quality and features which makes it different from other games. You cannot be 100% sure if a particular game is the supreme of all. But yes, you can rank them as your favourites.

List of Ten Incredible Games for Windows PC

In this article, you will learn about some of the most incredible games that you can play on PC in 2021. Below is the list, you can take a look.

1. Paradise Lost

If you like history, you will love this game a lot. It takes you to the time when Nazis caused nuclear destruction to Europe in World War 2. After twenty years of World War two, you play as an old Szymon searching for a completely left Nazi bunker and a mysterious man.

Your only source of communication is with the help of the bunker technology. Wherein, you have to communicate with a mysterious girl, Ewa. It’s a short game, but is full of adventures.

2. Minecraft Game

It is one of the very famous games that you can play on your PCs. You have to fight with the monsters, zombies, spiders, etc. and win the battle. Attention! there can be an interruption to this game. You may face an issue where the Mine craft launcher won’t open in Windows 10.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended that the device driver should be updated timely. Remove the faulty, damaged or an outdated driver from your PC. You can download the paid or free driver update software tool in your PC to update the driver. For example, the Bit Driver Updater is the best option to choose. It will not only update your driver but also improve the overall performance of the system.

3. Ghost Runner

This is another game full of exciting adventures. In this game, you play as a warrior who is fighting for revenge from a cruel ruler. For that, you have to reach the top of a Dharma Tower, battling and defeating the enemies. You have to use powerful bullets as well as some special skills to kill your enemies.

If you like action and adventure very much, then this game may be an apt choice.

4. Hades

In this game, you play as Hades’s son, Zagreus. You have to protect yourself from the underworld. It offers some additional features to the players. Unlike other games, if you die, you can start from the beginning with some upgrades.

In other words, your character and the weapons you use are upgraded every time you start a new game after you die. It increases your chances to win the battle. Who would not want to play a game like this?

5. Control

This is again one of the finest games available on PC. In this game, you play a character named, Jesse Faden. There’s a building in New York city, The Oldest House. You have to search your missing brother in the building. But all this is not that easy for you.

Because, you have to face the Federal Bureau of Control, its director. Dealing with the paranormal activities and the objects associated with it makes this game more interesting and adventurous.

6. World of Warcraft Shadowlands

This game has been in the race since sixteen years. It is one of the fastest selling games on PC. The game is set in the dead land. It is divided into five zones and you have to explore a central hub city. You can either play in a team or alone as you like.

This game offers a variety of features to explore. You can customize the characters. For beginners, it offers a new drop zone i.e. Exile’s Reach.

7. Microsoft Flight Simulator

This game offers excellent graphics and peripheral support to the players. All those who like planes and flying, will really find this game amazing. It takes you to various beautiful locations. Also, it takes you on a ride to some dangerous conditions.

So, this game is basically for the flight lovers. Some may develop their love for flights after playing this game on PC.

8. Hitman 3

The game provides six new maps to the players. These are Hitman 3’s maps.  These maps will take you around the world right from Dubai to China or England to China. You play a character named, Agent 47 ( Hitman). Unlike other games, you have to travel around the world and catch your enemies calmly and without being noticed.

The best part is that you can use the same map ‘n’ number of times to find a new path every time to kill the enemies. This makes this game different from others.

9. Monster Hunter World

It is one of the oldest PC games. The developers of this game are Capcom. It is very simple to play without any complexities involved. In this game, you assume yourself to be a monster hunter. You have to look for the dangerous and large monsters.

What are you waiting for? Go and call your friends and play this game with them. You will have a blast playing this game on your PC.

10. Death Stranding

This game has an interesting storyline, amazing graphics, sounds and visuals. It has won so many awards. Popular characters like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Lea Seydoux are the centre of attraction.

You play as a character named, Sam Bridges. You are a porter, who travels across United States and delivers cargo. You have to look for the lands that are secretly run by the terrorists, bandits and creatures that are invisible known as Beached Things.

You will love this game once you will start playing it on PC.

Hope you find the list of games as incredible as it is meant to be for the game lovers. It will be a lot of fun if you go through all these games one by one. Or after reading the article, you can decide the game of your choice and go for it.

Have a great gaming experience ahead!!

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