Top Benefits of Having a Car Battery Charger

Bosch Battery Charger C7

A car battery is an essential part of the engine system as without this component, the car’s engine will not start and you will not go anywhere. Hence, it becomes essential to always maintain the battery in its best working condition. This article talks about the different functions of a car battery charger and why you need to add a good-quality, versatile car charger in your toolkit.

What is a car battery charger?

A car battery charger is a compact, portable charger that you can keep in your car to supply energy to your car’s battery. It is a larger version of a charger for a smartphone or audio device. Battery chargers have evolved over the years from being bulky metal boxes to compact, portable, and smart devices. A smart battery charger collects information from the battery and accordingly adjusts the voltage and amperage of the current for safe, quick, and optimum battery charging.

Why do we all need a car battery charger?

When looking for some great car accessories online to add to your car toolkit, you can’t miss a car battery charger. A car charger is a device used to restore the energy of a car’s battery through an electric current. The charger is connected with an AC source and it converts it into DC current that the car’s battery stores.

  • It saves you in emergencies

While a car battery charger is ideal for long-term, slow charging, a lot of modern models also provide a ‘jump’ or ‘boost’ feature which is used to revive a battery completely drained of energy. A portable car battery charger in your boot comes as a lifesaver when your car’s battery dies in the middle of a road or when you are away from your home.

  • It prolongs your car’s battery life

All cars come with an in-built mechanism to charge the battery when the engine is running. This is done by the alternator that produces electricity when the engine is running. However, for people who don’t drive their vehicle daily, a car charger becomes majorly essential. A car battery charger lets you maintain the battery’s energy and to charge it when you know it’s about to drain.

  • It can be used for other devices

A lot of car chargers these days come with a support charging outlet that supplies power to charge devices other than the car’s battery, like a smartphone, bluetooth or other electronic devices in your car. Car battery chargers with this feature may be slightly heavier on your pocket, but they can literally act like an all-purpose power station in your garage.

  • It comes with desulfation feature

You can also find battery chargers with a restoration or desulfation feature. This program utilizes low-level energy pulses to pull out and remove sulfur deposits from the battery’s plates. In some cases, this feature can even be used to bring back dead batteries to life.

  • It comes with intelligent monitoring and memory function

Some innovative car chargers also have an internal computer that charges the battery and stops automatically when it’s fully charged. The memory function is useful in a case when the charger is disconnected before the car’s battery is charged completely. The memory function allows the charger to resume charging exactly from the point where it left. This again ensures that the charger stops charging once the battery is fully charged.

What to look for in a car battery charger?

When shopping for car battery charger online, make sure to consider these parameters before paying the bill:

  • Battery type

Lead-acid batteries come in different forms:

  1. Wet or conventional battery
  2. Maintenance-free battery
  3. Deep cycle battery
  4. Absorbed glass mat battery (AGM) battery
  5. Gel cell battery

Some battery chargers are compatible with all types of car batteries, while other chargers are compatible with some selected battery types. So, you must consider the battery type before picking a car battery charger.

  • Storage capacity

Most car batteries are 12V and hence most battery chargers are 12V. You want to choose a charger that is compatible with your battery for its voltage and ampere capacity. Charging with too high an amperage can overheat and damage the car’s battery and charging with a too low amperage will take an unnecessary long time or your battery may never fully charge. Check the ‘Ah’ ampere rating of your battery and choose a charger that offers a current suitable for that range. As a thumb rule, your charger’s ampere rating should be 1/10th of the battery’s Ah. For example, if your battery is 70Ah, then choose a 7 Ampere charger.

  • Features

Lastly, you have to be sure of your purpose behind purchasing a car battery charger. According to that, look out for some useful features like the following:

  1. An engine start feature delivers a quick, high-amperage current to the battery, allowing you to jump start the battery.
  • The maintenance charge feature helps in keeping the charger safely connected to the battery and stop charging automatically when the battery is fully charged.
  •  The reconditioning feature helps reverse sulfate buildup on the inside plates of a lead-acid battery, increasing the battery’s performance and capacity.
  • Some battery chargers are even weather-proof, allowing you to use them safely both indoors and outdoors.
  • A multi-bank charger is helpful in charging several batteries at the same time.

When looking for different features in the charger, remember that more the number of features, the heavier the charger will be.


So, here was all about a car battery charger and why you need it. While it’s true that the car’s battery will eventually die, there’s a lot that you can do to postpone the event, like having a good-quality, powerful, and effective car battery charger.

Our top pick has to be the Bosch Battery Charger C7 Base this is one of the most powerful car battery chargers that you can find in this price range. The Bosch C7 car charger even comes with an intelligent monitoring and automatic charging feature that ensures that your car’s battery is safely charged.

Hope you found this article helpful. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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