COVID-19’s Stop-gap Solution Until Vaccines and Antivirals are Ready

COVID-19's Stop-gap Solution Until Vaccines

COVID 19 the really a deadly disease that killing the world with fear. Well, the world wide fear has still no vaccines or even got with any antivirals. Coronavirus, the most hurting disease but it can be cured and the report says so from all over the world. Researchers are now testing the preventive medicines and for them already affected patients. However, the combination of polio, Ebola and other diseases with medicines are now testing for the treatment. Do you think it’s the right idea and it won’t come it back after the patients get the cure and return to home?

Returning home with the disease never come again is the dream of everyone who got affected with COVID 19. Well, the unavailability of vaccine and the antivirals are killing the people not physically, but mentally. The world has gone lockdown and to control the situation every nation taken some preventive measure by requesting people to stay safe their home and do work from home likewise. However, the virus to spread to the next patient and to show the disease will take up to 21 days and more. Most of the countries have been under lockdown and the strategically operation of preventing the same what every nation governments are following to bring a better tomorrow.  

A Short Survey of Vaccines Over Medicines for COVID 19

People around us may not have the same attitude everyone won’t be educated and don’t feel the decision will be undertaken in the same manner. However, preventing vaccine should have to create to make a quick end to this scenario.  As novel coronavirus [COVID 19] cases keep on mounting all-inclusive, humankind can’t go to its go-to irresistible sickness difficulties.

At the point when you heal from numerous viral illnesses, you possess in your blood whichever is called killing antibodies. When you heal, the plasma can be taken from protectors. It’s a similar thing as utilizing a blood gift with the exception of they don’t take the red platelets, they take the fluid as well as take the plasma. Consider it the structure of a protein, it’s a fluid that is given to individuals that give them strength.

Way to Control the Corona Disease in Normal form –

Getting into the disease is simply easy but getting away from is the great thing. Here are some of the preventive measure to stay away from the COVID 19 virus.

  • Wash hands and stay fresh and hydrated always in your home.
  • Avoid close contact whether he or she the mom, the dad and with your siblings for some 21 days period.
  • Don’t use the same clothes, towels washed in the same time with the same medium.
  • Eat and have water and other healthy foods and fruits/vegetables which has been cooked/warmed properly.
  • Stay healthier for a month for improving your stamina and stay healthy with doing some exercises practices daily.
  • Avoid smoking at the earliest and this COVID 19 fastly affect our lungs, in fact, stay away from those habits.
  • Don’t take unwanted medicines if you felt like not strong enough to stay where you are, seek the advice of the doctors at the earliest and confirm whether you were tested and achieved with negative COVID19 report.

Put a Gap to Find the Solution to Covid19

The thought is that current medications, for example, chloroquine that could slow or even ride coronavirus could spare the lives of dangerously sick patients and moreover secure wellbeing labourers. It is anything but an antibody and considers it the organization of a protein, it’s a fluid that is given to individuals that give them invulnerability. Like as said in the preventive measure, a small gap of 1m and stay safe at home can let us judge this can be put down easily.


In order to get back to our normal life, we need to it a gap to our loved one for a month or this COVID19 put an end. However, the preventive measure said above will be helpful to make the necessary action to get away from it. Shoot your queries, if you got something to say about this concern on COVID19.

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