Top 7 FTP Clients for Mac Users

Top 7 FTP Clients for Mac Users

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. It allows a user to upload files from their computer to their desired website. To use FTP, users require an FTP client (which is basically a desktop app). The FTP clients help you manage all files that are stored on your server. Transmit, Cyberduck, CuteFTP, and Filezilla, etc. are few excellent such FTP clients that are popular among Mac Users all over the world.

Best 7 FTP Clients for Mac Users

FTP clients are particularly useful in case you face issues with your platform (for instance, WordPress) that causes you to lose all your data. Using an FTP client, you can manage all that data through your MacBook.

Looking for a suitable FTP client to manage my data back in the days, I started off by looking for the charter spectrum internet prices and packages. After that, I found the best FTP client that could cater to my needs and fit my budget. Now, there are plenty of FTP clients readily available for Mac users and some are even free. Here are some of the best FTP clients that are popular among Mac users.

#1. Transmit

This FTP client is specially designed for Mac users. Transmit is created by a company called Panic and it is known as one of the most reliable software among currently available FTP clients. Transmit offers a diverse range of features including basic and advanced ones. It supports iDisk and Amazon S3, allows customization of bandwidth, multi-connection transfers, sending SSh commands, and so much more.

#2. Cyberduck

Cyberduck is also known to be a popular FTP client among Mac users. It has a nice user interface that is easy to use. It works well for coders who like to edit codes using their preferred editor. Cyberduck is also compatible with cloud storage offered by Google and Rackspace. You can also manage Google’s drivers using this FTP client.

#3. Flow

Another popular choice among available FTP clients is Flow. It offers all the necessary features with a smooth and user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and offers a great feature called Droplets. This feature allows you to upload files faster than many other FTP clients using drag and drop. Once the file has been uploaded, it lets you copy the link to your clipboard. However, it is a bit unstable and it is a paid app costing $10.

#4. Filezilla

FileZilla performs well and offers all required features that are expected from an FTP app. The catch is, its user interface is not customer friendly and it is quite chunky. It appears that its developers were focused more on its performance than making it look appealing. Its features work and if that’s all you need, it is a reasonable option.

#5. Fetch

Fetch’s interface is much more appealing than Filezilla. It has a minimalist design which gives it a simple look and easier to use. it also allows you to adjust the window size and customize it to your liking. Like Flow, it also offers the Droplets feature allowing you to upload files faster. However, it only has a single pane and it does not support iDisk or Amazon. It only offers basic FTP features, is a paid app, and costs more than its service’s worth.

#6. Speed Download 

One of the most commonly used FTP clients is Speed Download. It was only used as a download manager in the past but now it offers FTP services as well. Even though it is a paid app, it is popular among Mac users because they are familiar with it. Speed Download offers all basic FTP services and is easy to use. You can get a discount if you purchase it in bulk for multiple Mac users.

#7. CuteFTP  

CuteFTP is a software known for providing cutting edge features and support system. It is an excellent FTP provider with high-security functions. CuteFTP is placed among the professionally used FTP clients and costs $59. It has one of the best customer support service that is easy to use. in addition to that, the Tappin feature enables users to access and share files between their computer and any mobile from anywhere.

In Short

There is a wide range of FTP clients available for Mac users. The choice of which FTP client to use depends on your need. There are a few FTP clients that are open-source (free) such as Filezilla, and Cyberduck, etc. However, most of them cost around as low as $10 to as high as $59. The prices may vary with the passage of time but, this should give you an idea to budget yourself accordingly.

Since the internet service in North Carolina is excellent, I had no issues spending a few days researching the variety of FTP clients available in the market. I took my requirements into consideration and gave it a good thought before making a final decision. I would advise you to do the same.

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