What Makes us Choose Shift Cam:

Shift cam

Earlier, there used to be a huge craze for the camera. However, with the growing inventions of smartphones, the lifetime of the camera seemed to end for some while. Thanks to brands like shift cam 2.0 that have brought travel set with a front-facing camera. It is another enjoy among popular smartphones consider to provide all-round experience to users. Shift cam is comfortable to be used with i-phone brands i.e. I-phone X.  The good point of this set is that you can accept it to be ready in a second. You can compile it with your i-phone. In the recent year, it is considered as one of the most stylish, usable and innovative items used in photography.

Features of The Shift Cam

Make it work as you want and the lenses are just perfect. You will get a clear view of all the angles. It is because if it’s an excellent lens system that it has been specially awarded by German Reddit and CES innovation awards. Shift cam does not force you to buy its product, they believe in giving you the best product which is coupled up with a twelve-month warranty and instant customer support facility if you feel you are not satisfied with their product. The product works in two angles i.e. 6 in 1 wide angle and pro lens wide-angle. Accordingly, there are two elements i.e. 4 elements 4 groups and 5 elements 4 groups. The magnification levels are 1.5 X and 2 X respectively there is a focus distance of 20-25 mm and 100-120 mm.

  • Design

It is categorized under the tag of “best sellers” by most people and is sometimes compared with its competitors like Amazon camera. We can easily install anything without any delay or problem. The earlier version had 6 lenses fixed in it. Shift cam 2.0 works best for i-phone 7 plus, i-phone 8 plus and I-phone x. so in this case, you get to enjoy six additional lenses for use.

  • Features

Shift cam is designed at a size of 6 mm. shift cam 2, 6 by 1 is available at a product dimension of  3 x 8 x 5.2 inches size which weighs around 11.4 ounces in terms of its shipping weight. There are a front-facing wide-angle adapter and a 6 in 1 travel set for you. Wait, shift cam also has fisheye, macro range, traditional macro range, telephoto and an assured wide-angle designed just for you. It is best for people who love to take a selfie. Additionally, there would be interchangeable pro lend with a 180-degree fisheye, 20X macro, and 2X Telephoto. Lastly, you even get a 120-degree wide-angle to enhance zooming and quality picture experience.

Final Overview

Shift cam step foot ever since 2017 and since then, there has been no stop. It is designed for i-phone 7 or i-phone 8 plus ranges and works in slide and shift mechanism for us to work so well. To cut short, shift cam comes in slippery proof ergonomic design which can easily for in your pocket.

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