You Know about TCL Foldable Phone:

TCL Foldable Phone

For those amongst us, who think that a Smartphone can only come in a rectangular plain shape or a flip-flop form, need to rethink now. With the innovation of TCL in 2020, a foldable phone looking like an accordion, with just one screen and threefold, the concept will change. TCL is a reputed Chinese brand, known for driving customers through unique ideas and smart features like two hinge features and book fold approach. You may even treat it as a tablet with four rear cameras in it. We cannot wait any longer to use it.

Boons of TCL Foldable Phone:

The dragon hinge and the butterfly hinge is something you need the phone for, and experience. There are a front-facing camera and a separate slot for the USB C charging facility. Right now, it is expected, that it will face competition from Samsung’s galaxy fold, Huawei’s mate X, which has also invented the Samsung galaxy fold. However, for the many better reasons, you can consider buying this Chinese brand for sure like its magnetic ends. Samsung galaxy fold could not align together causing further alignment. TCL phone is not just foldable on inside and outside due to “dragon hinge,” but serve dual functions as well. You will surely get an AMOLED display on this phone as well.


Imagine TCL’s smart process of foldable prototype screens as a new revolution to double spacer in your single phone for gaining, video watching and other activities. You can fold it in two different ways each time you try it for its “narrow and long “finish so that it can perfectly finish symmetrically on both sides. Even when you fold it, you can still show a part of an image or video, which makes it even more interesting for us.


It is extremely sleek and handy and you can use it either as a phone or as a tablet or like a desktop (serves the same functions). You can avail of a front-facing camera, a 10-inch screen when you open it fully. Apart from this, you even get a USB-C type charger, which is the latest in the series. There is an excellent iridescent finish. It is not at all flat in structure, like other phones that we use. Instead, you can expect s bulgy feel even after you have closed your phone.

Price Range:

TCL has carefully developed its smart pricing range, which is going to be thirty times lower than that of Samsung, its biggest competitor. It would be available for $1000 in the United States of America, 70,000 INR in India, £800 in the United Kingdom, €890 in Europe and other regions, and CAD 1200 in Canada region. However, this is just at a basic price range and the actual prices may slightly differ once the phone launches in different countries.

Final Overview:

TCL is in the list of best foldable phones to come soon above other brands like Samsung galaxy fold, Motorola Razr, Huawei mate x, role flex-Pai, Xiaomi dual flex, nubia alpha, and many others. It is surely going to be the best buy for you. 

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