Embedding a PDF on a WordPress Website.

Embedding a PDF on a WordPress Website

Used by approximately 75 million websites, WordPress is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management Systems. It is a simple interface with the availability of thousands of plugins and templates. This makes it easy to handle.

Despite having so many plugins, WordPress doesn’t come with a built-in tool for embedding PDFs. If you’re stuck at this one problem, we are here with a solution for you. Just because it’s not direct, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

We have curated just the right content that is easy for you to follow and is quick. We are explaining ways to embed a PDF in WordPress so that you do not feel confused the next time you go for it.

What is in for you?

  1. Can a PDF be embedded in WordPress?
  2. What are the ways to embed a PDF?
  3. Embedding a PDF with and without a plugin.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions to ease the process.
  5. Some Key Takeaways.

1. Can a PDF be embedded in WordPress?

So if you have been wondering that, then bingo! You have found the right place to be.

To embed any object in WordPress, one must place the URL in the content area (making sure that the URL is not a hyperlink). WordPress will then automatically embed it. So for PDFalso, the same thing happens, and it is represented as a link. Hence, to embed a PDF file, we have to look out of the inbuilt functions.

The answer to this is YES. We can use other applications to embed a PDF file.

2. What are the ways to embed a PDF?

There are many methods available to embed a PDF. The simplest one is to use the plugin. One can use a plugin like a PDF embedder for the purpose. If not plugin, one can go for the iFrame Code to embed PDF.  Through this article, we will explore these ways and tell you how to use these techniques.

3. Embedding a PDF

  • ➔ Using a Plugin

The quickest and easiest method is to use a plugin. It is a three-step process that will be handy to you every time you need it. We recommend you use it as it saves time and gets the work done.

Let’s take a look at this three-step easy process:

  1. Install PDF embedder plugin
  2. Setup the plugin
  3. Embed the file in the WordPress post

Step a. Download and install PDF embedder plugin

There are few options to choose from, but we would recommend PDF embedder based on the popularity and ease.

To get started,

  • Login to your WordPress account
  • Go to Plugins and select add new in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Search for “PDF Embedder” and click Install
  • After Installation, Activate it.

Here is your PDF Embedder ready to be used.

Step b. Setup and Configuration of the Plugin

We can now customize its settings as per our needs. The whole plugin can be configured and set up to suit our needs. This helps us to ensure that our file opens the way we want.

Follow this path:

  • Locate the plugin settings page
  • Navigate to Settings, then go to the PDF Embedder
  • Change the width and height of the PDF viewer under the Default Viewer Settings.

Other customizations, including creating a PDF viewer toolbar and its visibility, can also be set. Once you’re done with the settings, save all the changes, and you’re good to go.

Step c. Embed the PDF in the WordPress post

While using a Classic Editor, PDF can be embedded in the same way an image is embedded.

  • Open the WordPress post
  • Click on the Add Media button
  • Select the Upload File tab, select your file to be embedded, and click Insert Into Post. A shortcode to the post will be added
  • Click on Preview on the top right corner to see how PDF will look at the front end

If a newer Block Editor is used, The PDF Embedder ships with a custom black. In that case, navigate to the + icon in the post to add a new block. Search for PDF embedder, select it, and go ahead with embedding a PDF.

Once the PDF is uploaded, a few options to customize the dimensions and toolbar settings can be seen on the right side of the screen.

If you don’t want the settings to be over-ridden, leave the section as it is.

Again, one can preview the front end post by selecting Preview.

Once you are satisfied with the settings and the way your PDF looks, Save and Publish your changes.

Embedding a PDF without using Plugins

Due to performance issues with WordPress, some people avoid using Plugins. So the next major question that arises is, can a PDF be embedded without using a plugin?

The answer is yes. One can embed a PDF using iFrame and thus without installing Plugin. All you have to do is to create a google account.

  • Upload the PDF in the google drive
  • Preview the PDF by double-clicking it
  • Select the three dots at the top right corner, and choose open in new window
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner in the newly opened file and click on the Embed Item
  • A new window will flash, and your iFrame code will be displayed
  • Copy the code
  • Navigate to the WordPress post and paste the code in the Text tab of the Editor
  • Preview the PDF on the front end and if satisfied, save the changes.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to embed documents in WordPress?

We have mostly used embedding for posts, images, etc, but sometimes text documents may also be needed to be embedded.  

The best way to embed any document is to use a Plugin. The best option is to use Embed any Document. It supports a variety of files, including Microsoft docs as well as Adobe docs.

Once a plugin is installed and activated, an Add Document button will be displayed on the Classic Editor, or a custom block editor can be added to the Block Editor.

  • How to embed a fillable PDF in a WordPress site?

To embed a fillable form, one can use a tool like JotForm. It lets you make a template of your own or choose from their database and embed a fillable PDF. One can also embed it using code.

Select the Publish tab in the JotForm PDF editor. Select, and then a code will be displayed. Copy and paste this code in the text editor on the WordPress post.

  • How to embed a PDF without forcing download?

Any of the techniques mentioned above can be used to embed a PDF without forcing a download. The purpose is to improve users’ experience so that they don’t have to download the file every time they visit the post.

5. Takeaways

  • WordPress gives a platform to various plugins through which different documents can be embedded.
  • Even if not presented directly, plugins can be used to embed PDF to a WordPress post.
  • Embedding without the use of the plugin is also possible and can be done easily.
  • Downloading documents is not compulsory for users every time they visit a post.

If you are looking for someone to help you out with themes,plugins or check the security or vulnerability of you want to develop a new website from scratch, get in touch with WordPress support services We assure you that we won’t let you down.

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