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Do You Know What Goes into a Good Digital Marketing Plan?

Good Digital Marketing Plan

If we lived 35 years ago and you wanted to find a good obgyn where would you refer to? Well, you would obviously have referred to the white pages. But we now live in the digital age. Hardly anyone knows about, much less do they refer to physical phone books. It’s a reality that people shop and do business online. But this has changed the nature of marketing. People now find that they have to do good digital marketing in order to successfully sell their brands. This usually means creating a good digital marketing plan!

What a Good Digital Marketing Plan must have

A good digital marketing plan can be compared to the blueprints for a house. Both lay the basic foundations and structure for things. In the case of the digital marketing plan, it’s the digital marketing campaign. It’s the house in the case of the blueprints. So now that you know that digital marketing campaigns have to have a structure that a digital marketing plan provides, it’s time to discuss what a good digital marketing plan must include:

SWOT is key – SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It matters in traditional business and marketing plans. This is even more true for good digital marketing plans.

Your digital marketing campaign is useless if you don’t know the nature of the markets that you are targeting. A good SWOT analysis will help you do that.

Set goals – the whole point of a marketing plan is to accomplish goals. This is generally to sell enough brands. Your digital marketing plan will fail if you don’t know what you want to accomplish and the timeframe that you want to accomplish it.

You’ll succeed if you set SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. A good example of a smart goal in a digital marketing plan would be, “we want to increase our sales in the senior citizens market by 5% by the end of this year.” That goal can be accomplished with some effort. A goal like, “”we want to sell to everyone in a year” is not. That’s just wishful thinking and dreaming.

Spell out your marketing strategy – in other words, you have to know exactly what you will do and how you will do it in order to accomplish your goals. This is called strategy. Remember that personalization is key. The digital age got rid of the ‘one size fits all’ brands. People know what they want and they look for brands that have specific features that can solve specific problems and issues.

But there are certain things your the strategy in your digital marketing plan must contain:

Target audiences – your large audience can be further separated into certain groups. People have specific traits and features in common in these groups. This is referred to as a target audience segment. Your digital marketing plan must have this because this is the only way you’ll know who to market to and what your digital marketing campaign must include in order to sell your brands successfully.

Brand positioning – are you going to sell a high-quality product or service at a higher price. If so, you are positioning your product in a higher end of the market. This is referred to as brand positioning. It’s crucial in your digital marketing plan because it sets the direction for your digital marketing campaign. It also tells customers why they should buy your brands instead of those from another company.

Content strategy – your digital marketing plan is useless without this. You must plan out every piece of content that you intend to include in your digital marketing campaign. This is because content is powerful and every word makes an impact.

Keyword research – you don’t have either a digital marketing plan or campaign if you are not researching the keywords that people in your target audiences will be searching for on search engines. It’s the content that’s strategically woven around these keywords that will get your sites and pages noticed by search engine bots. They will then rank these sites and pages high on search engines like Google where people will notice them. For best results, use a proven keyword research site like Google Planner.

A Good Digital Marketing Plan forms The Foundation of a Good Digital Marketing Campaign

A good digital marketing plan gives your digital marketing campaign structure and direction. You’re just wasting money on advertising and marketing if you don’t create a good digital marketing plan beforehand! After all, a good digital marketing plan can make the difference between your digital marketing campaign being a huge success that generates brands – these brands will bring in sales for years to come – and your business going the way of the dinosaurs because of a disastrous digital marketing campaign.

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