Samsung’s TV Known as “The Wall”:

Samsung the Wall TV

Samsung manufactures products that stand out special for every individual house. Today, let us have an overview of the new range of wall TV designed by Samsung. The wall TV is huge, just pleasant enough to be place in your drawing room or big halls. The television set comes out at 146 inches, 219 inches and 292 inches, within IW008J and IW008R respectively as per your available room space or preferences. The cost range usually revolves around 3.5 crores and 12 crores based on the size you choose. It is the best brand that can imply your premium lifestyle and high standard tastes.

Specifications and Features of Samsung-The Wall TV:

If you are ready to buy the 146-inch set, you could get a 4K UHD quality while in a 219 set, Samsung offers you 6k UHD. If you buy 292-inch television set, you will get 8 K resolutions. All this is possible because AI up scaling, which many other television brands are still not aware of. Among the prominent features, you will get 2000 peak brightness, along with 120Hz refresh rate and quantum HDR feature for excellent video quality for your favorite television programs. If you want to play and enjoy a support gaming experience, the television brand is best for you. Additionally, for your home screen, it would provide a superb movie watching experience in Samsung foldable TV.

  • Specification

The foldable television occurs at three sizes i.e. 292 inch, 219 inch, and 146-inch sizes. You also get to avail modular micro-LED display especially launched for Indian customers. It is because of the technological expertise equipped in each set that customers will be going for quality over everything else in foldable TV. Every image or video that you see on your television set with appear screen by screen to you, so you will hardly be able you differentiate between the real and virtual.

  • Features:

Thanks to quantum processor flex with AI enhancement have made the process a reality, through technological reach. If you want to create a home theater kind of experience in your living room, it is now possible through wall TV. Just connect it with any operating system you access using HDMI port. Even if you have fallen asleep or held in a new phone call, your TV can manage to stay idle. There is an ambient mode playing videos or imagine you can join in again. There is a 0.8 mm pixel pitch mode running up to 30 mm to fit best in modern homes and lifestyles. You get a bezel-less finish with several resolutions.

  • The price range in different countries:

146-inch Samsung’s Wall TV will cost around $ 100,000 in the United States of America, 700000 INR in India, £ 80000 in the United Kingdom €89,000 in Europe, and CAD 120,000 in Canada.

Overall Review:

Samsung wall TV has earned customers and is still earning more. The reason is the features that you get over all television sets. It is your time to make a smart decision and buy the television set for a never before experience.

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