All that You Need to Know about The New TCL 10 Pro:

TCL 10 pro

TCL 10 Pro is all set to present you with an improved interactive screen experience through a responsive touch screen. At the same time, you would not be able to resist the temptation of a high resolution of 1080X2400 pixels. You get to avail of a sharp image capability due to 412 PPI and auto focus system. Apart from this, you will even get a fingerprint sensor so that you can be assured of the safety and security of all data that you store on your phone. Now you can work on your important office works or project works, save contacts, videos and anything you like. The Central processing unit is truly very fast i.e. octa-core to be more accurate. It comes with an FM player or connects it simply with your television set by using the special option.

Features Offered by TCL 10 Pro:

We want to avail a smart phone with best features that is usable and at the same time most efficient for us. TCL 10 pro offers a ram of 8 GB and a storage facility of 128 GB. You can further extend it up to 256 GB by using an external memory slot. The battery facility is excellent i.e. 5000 mAh with LI p battery enabled service. The best part of the set is that you can avail of the facility of fast charging like Xiaomi phones, Vivo or oppo phone,  but you do not have to pay much for this.

  • Technical specifications

TCL 10Pro offers An operating system of Android V10 AD  chipest of Qualcomm snapdragon 765. There is a central processing unit of 2.3 GHz and an octa-core processor. It even has a GPU of Adreno 620 and supports HTML mode. Not only this, we can avail of all features of multimedia in this set like emailing, loud music at soothing sound experience, videos being played uninterruptedly, and FM radio system inbuilt on every set.

  • Display

In each set of TCL 10 pro, you can safely use super colored AMOLED display screen (16 M), with a size of 6.39 inches, 1080 x 2400 pixel features. There is a waterdrop notch which will further add to our interest for sure. Your screen will offer you sharp and clear pictures without any kind of blur or interruption at any time.

  • Price range

The probable general price range of this smart phone with best features is about 33,000 INR for India, 674 AU Dollars in Australia, £355 in Great Britain, 606 CAD in Canada, 460 U.S dollars. Most of the reviews rate positive reviews for this phone because of its excellent features and capabilities over others phone in the same range.  

Overall Review

TCL 10 pro is a must buy because of dual sim facilities, uninterrupted voice calling experience, 32 MP front camera with flash, 2.3 GHz Octa-core processor, inter connectivity in the form of 3G-4G-5G, 30 FPS video recording feature. Once launched in all countries, it will have a huge demand.

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