What is WhatsApp Marketing?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Before defining what WhatsApp Marketing is, first I am going to explain what WhatsApp is.

Maybe you know, or maybe you don’t. It is one of the most popular digital communication platforms in the world.

It is not an exaggeration, if I say that anyone who has a smartphone can access WhatsApp.

Millions of people use WhatsApp. Is awesome.

Here I show you a graph of some Latin American countries on the use of the tool.

Its daily use continued to grow in the following years and continues to do so today.

The platform became a popular phenomenon because it revolutionized the way people communicate.

The truth is, it is the most popular SMS alternative in 109 countries, or 55.6% of the world.

It is no coincidence that Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for the amount of 19 billion US dollars.

I still remember the days when I paid for each SMS message sent. The credits were running out very quickly.

WhatsApp practically put many of the services that people used into extinction.

He came offering text messages, voice calls, whatsapp groups, video calls. All free.

You can also send photos, emojis videos, without additional costs.

You only need access to the internet for the magic to emerge.

Initially, WhatsApp was seen as a mere application to exchange messages.

But it was creating so many different and practical functionalities and resources that it began to occupy an expressive space in the lives of many people.

The companies realized that in this tool there is a great business opportunity. They saw that WhatsApp is the place where potential customers transfer.

It is natural that the platform began to be used to boost business as well.

Then, WhatsApp Marketing is the way in which companies communicate, sell and initiate a relationship with customers, through the message platform.

The best side of all this is that WhatsApp is a free application that is spread among your target audience, whatever it may be.

Another positive point of WhatsApp Marketing is that it allows companies to communicate with customers in real time.

With this, businesses gain valuable assets in relationship marketing, such as knowing the opinion of the audience, receiving suggestions, criticism and offering personalized support.

Spreading WhatsApp Marketing:

There is little money. You want to invest in the marketing of your business, but you don’t know where and how to invest what little you have in your pocket. WhatsApp Marketing can be the salvation.

It is a common situation. Mainly for those who are starting a digital business from scratch, because many times their wallet is almost empty.

And the best thing is to focus on cheap strategies with which you get immediate results. Deep down, you know well that you can’t stop doing digital marketing.

If you identified with that situation, this article was made for you.

Because if I had to recommend a single tool to someone who has a red account and wants to do digital marketing, it would be WhatsApp Marketing.

It is one of the cheapest and most accessible ways to do digital marketing.

Economic because WhatsApp Marketing is free. You can access its full potential, without paying anything for that fabulous tool.

Accessible because with just a cell phone, anyone can download an application and trigger messages to their contacts.

With WhatsApp Marketing you reach your audience, no matter what it is.

People who use smartphones generally have WhatsApp. Chances are, if your prospect uses that app on their phone, they may be waiting for your message right now.

It is a tool that allows direct contact with the public. Including answering questions, opinion polls, sales, and reaching out to more people.

But notice that I said that WhatsApp Marketing is cheap and accessible.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Just as every entrepreneur has access, many slip-ups and mistakes are made.

Many believe they know how to use it. But it is precisely those people who are wrong on fundamental points that can destroy the image of the business.

Do not be alarmed because now I am going to explain the step by step so that you do not make any of those most common mistakes in WhatsApp Marketing.

When you finish this article, you will have a complete guide to using this tool and harnessing its full strength.

In addition, I am going to present you a manual of etiquette (good manners) so that your business is not unpleasant in the eyes of your clients when using WhatsApp.

They are the 13 most successful strategies that bring the most results.

And something else: how to plan and put all of them in motion right now.

WhatsApp Marketing is a complete strategy that makes it possible for you to have a closer communication with your audience.

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