How to open Xbox Game Bar on Windows PC?

Xbox Game Bar on Windows PC

Xbox Game Bar is a built-in feature in Windows 10 and offers you to record you to take screen recordings, take screenshots, and some other cool features. You can click the Windows + G key on your keyboard to open Xbox Game Bar on PC while playing a game. To plug in a controller on your PC, click the Xbox button if you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One. You can easily open the Xbox game bar by changing the settings.

The Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 helps you to create content from your games (and from other apps). The Game Bar is a hidden feature that makes it easy for the user to do screen recordings and online streaming for games and other apps without using any external third-party software. The Game Bar recently introduced a fresh coat of paint, increased pace, and some new amazing features. This guide will help you to know more about these features and everything you need to know to make your gaming experience more exciting. Let’s get into the details on how to open Xbox Game Bar on PC.

How to perform activation of Windows 10 Play Bar

  • Make sure that you properly trigger the game bar first. It should be allowed by default, but it can be easily found.
  • Click on the symbol in the Start menu to open the Settings.
  • Choose the Gaming option from the menu Settings.
  • Check on the Enable Game Bar option to turn the settings ON.

You can also change the hotkeys available for the Game Bar in the settings, by default they are set to + G.

How to play with the Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar

You can activate the Game Bar by pressing the + G shortcut or press the Xbox button on an Xbox controller. Windows Key + G offers access to various options in the overlay bar.

The Game Bar performs best with the games available on Windows Microsoft Store. It is because these games use the functionality of the Game Bar by default.

In reality, you can use the Game Bar with almost all the apps available on Windows Microsoft Store, as well as with any other UWP app, even if it is not a game. It can be useful for recording applications like Microsoft Edge, but some older versions do not work properly. Activating Game Bar (and Game DVR, the recording service) may affect your game or app’s output. You can open Xbox Game Bar on PC easily.

What are the buttons for Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar on PC?

Open Xbox Game Bar on PC, to release your mouse cursor for the game. The hotkeys can be configured according to user preference.

  • The top center of the main game bar overlay allows you to turn on or off various controls.
  • The  symbol at the top right allows additional settings to be made available.
  • Rapid access to capture controls can be found in the Broadcast & Capture module (default left).
  • The camera icon displays the button for the screenshot.
  • The Arrow Grab symbol shows the capture of the clip. Click on it to record the previous thirty seconds of game or app footage stored in your DVR buffer.
  • To start the recording, hit the recording symbol.
  • You can mute or activate the microphone symbol during the recording process to record voice using the microphone. It is useful to add voice instructions or commentary with the clips without any external app.
  • You can stream to a linked Mixer Account with the Send symbol.
  • To check all the recordings captures you can click on the Show All Captures button.
  • The sound mix of different sound devices and applications that are active on your setup can be handled under this Audio portion.
  • You can also have different Windows performance modules and other Xbox apps like Xbox social or chatting tabs to get better outputs.

Configuring Game DVR Setup

There are a variety of settings you can tweak to enhance your experience while recording and filming in the Game Bar. Here’s a breakthrough on what settings you can configure and where to find them.

  • Click on the symbol in the Start menu to open the Windows Settings.
  • Choose the Gaming option from the menu Settings.
  • Select Game DVR from the left-hand side menu.

Here you can configure many settings like changing the store location for clips recorded, configure DVR to capture recent moments by maintaining background recordings, change the resolutions for game clips, and audio mic settings

The game bar settings

You can control most of the configurations from the overlays while you are in the Game Bar. Follow these steps to perform the actions.

  • Press + G to open the game bar within a game.
  • Tap on the configuration.
  • You can use the Windows 10 Main Settings Menu to change most of the same settings from here like the game notifications, background recording, and audio settings.

By pressing the Windows key and the ‘G’ key simultaneously ‘+G’ you can access these cool features available in Windows 10 through the Xbox Game Bar and make your gaming experience more exciting and amazing.

A lot of users don’t have a lot of usage for game bar and they don’t like to use it. Here is how you can disable Xbox Game Bar In Windows 10 if you are one of them.

Hope it helps.

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