PSD to WordPress Conversion: Speed Matters More Than You Think!

Speed Matters More Than You Think

The top priority for any business website is to have the fastest loading website. For any business, all you need to do is develop a good impact on your users. The best weapon for creating the right image for your visitors is a faster-moving website. Additionally, if you have a faster loading website, even Google will place you better.

Under this blog, you can understand why is the PSD to WordPress theme conversion is essential and what all you need to do.

Reasons to have a faster loading website:

·         Ideally, your website speaks a lot about your company, as it is the forefront of your interaction with your visitors. So you need to have a website that is both easily accessible and engaging. If your site takes a lot of time to load the website, you might end up losing your customers. This PSD to WordPress theme conversion is essential.

·         Search engines like Google rank websites, mainly on speed optimization. If your site doesn’t meet the standards or isn’t quick enough, it will mostly affect your search engine.

·         It is an OK -known fact that faster websites tend to engage more customers as compared to slower websites. If your website loads faster, the customers get a good feel while they are navigating.

On the other hand, if your website loads slower, the customers won’t take much time but move on to other faster-moving sites. Thus it is essential to have a website through which pages can move quickly, and users can also navigate easily. Lastly, it offers more opportunities for you to pitch them your services.

Before building a website, you must know that you need to choose a website theme that is clean, responsive, and optimized for a faster-moving website. For a great article, you need first to understand the WordPress theme. WordPress Theme is a complete design for a web portal that includes everything that one can typically associate with the web design.

Be it color selection or header, footer, and sidebar positioning; everything is included in the WordPress theme. Additionally, the WordPress themes can change the design of your website, along with its layout. If you are still confused about how a WordPress theme works, you can also hire a WordPress developer to clear all your queries.

When you plan to develop a theme for your website, you need to keep a few things in mind if you want to have clean, fast, optimized, and completely responsive WordPress themes. Some of the points that you must follow while developing a WordPress theme are:

·         Minification of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS:

A process that removes all unnecessary characters from source code without altering its functionality is known as modification. You can increase your page speed by Optimizing your code, including eliminating unnecessary characters, formatting, spaces commas, and unused codes.

·         Image optimization:

If you want to speed up your web, you need to make sure that your images are more extensive than they need to be. For a better result, you need to optimize your vision. Ideally, PNGs are great for graphics with less than 16 colors. Additionally, one can also use a CSS sprite to develop a template for your site.

CSS sprites mix integrate your images to a single large image that loads all at once. Ideally, CSS sprite indicates a collection of images put into one embodiment. With several photos, your website may take a long time, but if one chooses to use a sprite, it will minimize the server requests and save the bandwidth.

·         Avoid using render-blocking Javascript:

Render indicates loading, so render-blocking means that one can keep the page from loading quickly. Google suggests removing Javascript that hinders with loading what a user sees initially on their screen while navigating through your websites. You need to stop render-blocking Javascript if you want your website to load faster.

The browser has to build a front end HTML through parsing an entire DOM tree. The browser will wait till the code executes if you’re your website includes blocking JavaScript during the process. It will make the user wait for sometime before they can see the web page as it results in a poor experience for the user.

·         Put Javascript on the footer:

If you want to speed up your web pages, you need to put your JavaScript on the footer. It will help in many ways. All the DOM elements will be available for all the details under the script that is loaded.

When the scripts block parallel downloads, then the problem occurs. Thus you can hire a WordPress developer who will help you put JavaScript on the footer.

Thus we can conclude that you can avoid these problems and speed your website by following the above solutions.

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