Peaks to Make Your Virtual Conference a Smash:

Peaks to Make Your Virtual Conference a Smash

It wouldn’t be amiss to say that 2020 has cited in many apps, and virtual conference platforms to host virtual events and there is a tremendous demand for offline events.

Unique and innovative ways to host events online are becoming ostensibly simple and straightforward. We have had major milestones from mega-companies like Apple who propelled all their new tech products virtually and it turned out to be a stupendous accomplishment.

If you are switching to the digital medium there are some accessories and guides to follow to put all the scrabbles together

Picking the Correct Virtual Conference Platform:

The virtual conference platform you choose should be in alignment with your event type, criteria, and budget, and when you consider them your event is bound to be a success.

There are beginner, intermediate and Proficient platforms.

Beginner virtual conference platforms are incredible if you do not have the finance to host virtual conference from professional channels. Social media marketing is a great platform and Facebook live and Instagram live are taking the world by a storm. Simply host a live show through the official business place and BOOM…you are equated to the world online.

Instagram is an excellent social space for displaying your company profile through pictures and also hosting events. Facebook has over 2.5 billion users worldwide which makes your target audience a huge millpond of people. Instagram is a millennial favourite with 100 million active users and features like reels which are all the craze now. Instagram also has an option to save the live event in the profile highlights which is a gratuity and your audience can always refer to it later.

There are various advantages of using beginner virtual conference platforms like social media:

  1. Social media is a no-fuss simple way you can stream
  2. Streaming from channels like Instagram, Facebook or even Youtube is free which eliminates the cost of any other additional software or expense needed while hosting a physical event.
  3. The bond and connection with the audience in social media are corporeal and these make the audience gain more trust and give you as a brand more creditability.

There can be certain disadvantages with beginner platforms like Instagram and Facebook frequently glitch and is powerless to save live events. There is almost always a time deadline for the live event. YouTube requires a channel to have at least 10,000 subscribers to be able to broadcast live.

Intermediate Level:

Intermediate level virtual conference platforms are ones which many offices and corporates use for conference meetings and webinars. Two such platforms that gained a lot of adhesion in the year 2020 are Zoom and Hangout Meet.

Zoom is the choice from 2020 and continuing to 2021 for all workspaces due to its simple streamlined interface. The free version allows for 100 people in a 40-minute meeting concourse. Hangout Meets is Google’s cosmos and the part of G Suite and is a surpassing selection for casual hangouts with friends or family. Virtual weddings, baby showers, and even anniversaries were entertained principally by this platform. However, it was officially created as a professional tool and not a casual hangout arena. The virtual conference platform is free to use during this period due to the virus brawl.

There are advantages of intermediate platforms like Zoom and Hangout as they add more features that add context to a meeting and it inculcates as a very salutary tool for networking. Both the platforms have screen-sharing features that emulate the real-time event experience.

However, they do have disadvantages as both have certain costs to maintain when used professionally. Zoom seems to have uncertain security issues and it has raised major eyebrows over time.

Advanced Platforms:

Zoom and Hangouts might not avail for a certain virtual conference and in that case, the most reliable tool is Whova. Whova is an intelligent tool that is crammed with hallmarks of complete aptitude like live polls, surveys, a social wall, and extremely in-depth analytics. There are other tools like- go to the webinar which is a medium used for webinars as the name suggests.

The advantages of these tools are numerous since they have a surplus of specialities loaded into the platforms. The user experience and fulfilment are beyond capacity however sometimes these extra features overload servers which lead to a glitchy experience. Advanced virtual conference platforms come with high prices and not everyone can yield that for their organization making it beneficial only when there is a precise ROI to be achieved from the event.

Promoting Your Event:

Email marketing is one of the most reliable ways for publicity; if you have a contact list set up. Solemn marketers fancy sending emails and follow-ups from their dedicated platform. Marketers use MailChimp which is a great place to begin and it is completely free.

You can promote your event on social media with a dedicated hashtag. This tactic has worked blazingly for many. One can ask people who are influential to promote their event on their page or stories in return for being an affiliate or augmenting some business.

Organizing an event doesn’t need to be a whirlwind you just need to have a plan and a strategy. Plan in advance and with these tools planning has become easier than ever.

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