How To Edit Context Menu On Windows 10

How To Edit Context Menu On Windows 10

Wonder what the list of options that appear when you right click anywhere on your system is called? Well, this is very popular context menu that offers several options or actions to take for any file, folder, app or simply your desktop screen. How amazing would it be if you could just remove the unwanted options from the list and add the ones of your choice? Well, this is possible using the basic manual methods or simply through the best context menu editors.

Do you know, you can also swap the left and right buttons on your mouse? Yes, we will talk about this later on but for now, let’s see the best ways that can help you edit the context menu on Windows 10. The best context menu editor is CCleaner, you can quickly add or remove the options you need and no longer need.

How To Edit Context Menu on Windows 10

Use Registry Editor

The best method of all the available ones is editing the context menu through the Registry Editor. Be wise while using this tool as it can lead to severe system issues, if not used correctly. To access Registry Editor, either open Run window using Windows + R keys together or directly head to the search bar located on the Taskbar and type in regedit, press Enter to open Registry Editor.

  • Once the Registry Editor opens, head to the left side pane and click on the Computer icon.
  • Then, you’ll see HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Double click on it to open more options.
  • You’ll then see a folder with an asterisk (*) sign. Again, double click on it to find a folder named with Shellex.  Again, double click on it for more options.
  • Navigate through the options until you find  ContextMenuHandlears.
  • Double click on this and then right click on ContextMenuHandlears.
  • From the list of options, choose New.
  • On the next screen, click on Key.
  • Now, you only have to enter the item name you want to appear on the context menu. For instance ‘Copy to’.
  • If you wish to Delete an item from the context menu, click on the item and then select Delete.
  • Now click on the item you have recently created, you’ll see Default at the right side window.
  • Now, right-click on Default, then click on Modify. You’ll see an Edit String window.
  • You’ll have to enter the value for the option you wish to add in the context menu under the Value Data tab.
  • Then, click on OK.

Once you’ve followed all these steps, it is important to check if the option you wanted has been added to the context menu or not. Here, you’ll have to head to Desktop right click on any folder and see if you get access to your choice of option.

Use Robust Context Menu Editors On Windows 10

If you find using Registry Editor difficult or tedious, there is an alternative option for you to edit the context menu easily and smoothly. Here’s a few best choices for your help.


This is quite a popular name when it comes to System cleaning and optimization, but do you know CCleaner is an outstanding choice when it comes to editing context menus on Windows 10. To start editing right click menus or context menus, you have to navigate through the following path: CCleaner > Tools > StartUp > Context Menu. Here, you’ll get options to either add or remove items from the list.


Another amazing choice of context editors include ShellMenuView. This wonderful utility lets you add or remove any item from the list of right-click menus. Here you can choose to enable or disable the items to appear when you right-click anywhere on the desktop. Here’s what you need to do- copy the executable file in windows and launch it > after it add the LegacyDisable key for the preferred menu option > and then set or delete the extended function for managing right-click menus

Right-Click Extender

In the list of topmost context menu editors, next comes Right-Click Extender. The name itself proves the work it does. This utility is quite easy to use and lets you edit the right-click menu on your Windows along with Drive, Hidden files etc. It has a crisp and clear dashboard that makes it easy for you to navigate through the path of editing right click menus. All you have to do is check or uncheck the items you want to be a part of the context menu or not. It also allows you to create a system restore using which you can rollback the modifications, if required. You can read more about these context menu editors here

Final Words

So, the manual as well as automatic ways to edit context menus on Windows listed above are helpful. However, the manual way is tedious, time taking and a bit complicated. You can always choose from the top context menu editors for Windows 10 to smoothen the process and quickly make changes to what you need to be there on the list and what not. Simple, isn’t it?

Do share with us in the comments below which method you find easy and helpful out of the ones listed above. Also tell us if you want us to add some more tools or you know any other manual method to edit right click menus on Windows.

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