How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

People around us always love to watch movies, videos and even to play a game in Ultra HD devices rather than a 9-inch mobile screen. Technology is smarter and brilliant and it is growing each second as our life goes. You are holding a smartphone device and you are living in 2020. Here we are going to discuss is learn how to connect our iPad or the iPhone with TV. Learn the methods and ideas sharing here will be helpful at your needs.

Spending money on a cable connection is getting outdated and everyone is going behind Netflix, Amazon prime which delivers streaming HD videos and movies at reasonable costs. Here were are explaining in point by points on how you can connect easily your apple device with your TV.

Guide on How You can Connect Your Apple Device Television

Apple usually allows its smart subscribers with an offer their Apple TV+ memberships with up to five other relatives/family members. There can be just a single coordinator in the family need to set up the users and thereby to coordinate them to join them with an invitation using their apple device. The most direct approach to interface an iOS gadget to a TV is utilizing via a wired connection. The administration can benefit as much as entertaining channels from the top of the line and can setup home theater at a 4K picture quality.


A Guide to Connect Your iPad / iPhone with Your TV

Enjoy the big screen by following the below procedure with your iPad or iPhone whether streaming or streaming whatever it may be. Mentioned below 3 given ideas will be the most tested and best way to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV.

1. Lightning Digital AV Adapter method

2. Connect with Roku

3. Connect with Apple TV

1. Lightning Digital AV Adapter Method

This is a smart gadget which can be easily accessible from the apple store as well by connecting HDMI device, well it’s also available at Amazon store. It’s lightweight and HDMI port to connect with the TV device with either iPad or iPhone once at a time. Which means one end HDMI cable should connect with adapter’s HDMI port and another end to your TV device. The adapter end can be connected to your Apple device [iPhone/iPad]. Once you ready with the setup as said, Turn on the Television and connect video input directly with the help of HDMI socket. That’s it, and you can enjoy the Television within minutes by moving auto functioning of the screen into position.

2. Connect with Roku

Connecting with Roku is a smart idea which has access to streaming devices on Apple TV. With Roku, you can easily add the Apple TV and with a simple remote, access you can manage it.  Since the Apple TV is introduced and you can get to Apple’s iTunes store to lease or purchase videos and the latest trending movies you can watch Apple TV+ shows with the cheapest subscription.

3. Connect with Apple TV

Connecting an iPad or iPhone with Apple TV is a brilliant idea to enjoy streaming movies and videos live on your big screen. Follow the points to be checked for connecting the same. Before heading the same, you should have the best speed Wi-Fi available at your home or office to experience streaming without any delay. Make a connection from Apple TV to your TV by means of an extra HDMI port and afterwards associate the Apple TV to your remote system.

  1. First thing you have to do is, start a video playing on your Apple iPhone or iPad from YouTube, Gallery or from any which is easier in your apple device.
  2. By accessing the control center by swiping up the screen, where you connect your Wi-Fi, torch, sleep mode and all.
  3. You can see the apple TV logo button if you already switched to iOS 11 per later update. If you are not logged in before, by using the apple login credentials used, check here again to enter the Watch now screen.
  4. You will be redirected to a new screen and your Apple TV will start streaming and enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen.
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