5 Horrible Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Landing Page

5 Horrible Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Landing Page

The best companies in the industry know the importance of investing in a well-crafted landing page to boost lead conversion.  But what about the others?

Like it or not, but the majority of the companies haven’t got the hang of conceptualizing designs that wow the audience. And the worst, they direct the visitors to unimportant and often unoptimized pages jeopardizing the investment even more.  

Remember, every landing page is dedicated to entice and enchant maximum visitors toward the intended goal – filling up the ‘contact us’ form, subscribing for newsletters, downloading eBooks so on and so forth.  

However, if you aren’t getting it right, fix your landing page now!

Herein, this blog will shed light on such common goof ups that can be detrimental for landing pages:

Slow Page Speed

Page speed is integral to improve the user experience on your website. Slow and sluggish websites that take long to load can cause more damage than you can think of.

Most importantly, Google considers page load speed a prominent ranking factor and even Facebook has been playing around with its News Feed Algorithm to put high-speed links over the links that take more time.

While numerous studies backing our assertion, so does user experience on many websites such as from retail, automotive, manufacturing, retail that are way too slow to load.  Often, deluged with excessive and redundant information, people can get really frustrated to click and visit a page that just refuses to upload fast.

Easy Tip: Consider using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to get insight into the page loading speed on your desktop and mobile.

Poor Web Design

Most often than not, websites are flooded with excessive content without giving much thought to web design. We need to realize that many visitors get ticked off if they do not like the design in the first look itself.

The visual appeal can be very conducive for visitors to spend time and navigate on the page and possibly contribute to the lead conversion, and a reliable ecommerce website development company in Jaipur would help you accomplish this.

Ideally, your landing page must follow a Conversion-centered design (CCD) that gives clear directions to the visitors towards attaining the intended action. So how do we do it? Well, it isn’t a cakewalk either and needs the incorporation of many elements – white spaces, colour, directional/emotional cues and many more.  

Just look at the image below: it’s just so well created with a compelling header title, image, crisp & clear information and not to forget the CTA.

The entire web design process is meticulously created to pique and persuade the visitors to complete the path from top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) to bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU).  And it is not just about your brand value but how you present – whether it’s text, infographics, webinar or a video demo – that can work wonders.  

If you are confused about landing page design, you can contact a custom website development services company to assist you with designing the right website.

You can also read 3 Must-Follow Content Tips to Empower Your Sales Funnel to get some more information.

Poor Images

Images or the visual content for your website can simply be not ignored.  In fact, they add more value to the aesthetics and stimulate the chances of lead conversion.  Not to forget that customers nowadays look for something unique and engaging that can captivate their attention before buying something.

Let’s take an example: During an A/B test, Skinner Auctions used large images in their catalogue that boosted the conversion rate by a whopping 63%. Even though the content was pushed below the fold, the incredible conversion rate showed where the real interest of the visitors is – Images.

From the bigger brands to the local stores a couple of blocks away, businesses simply can’t botch up with the images published on their website. People like immersive experience to buy a product/service.

Invest the best brains in enhancing the graphics to hook the visitors every time.

The best would be to use high-quality relevant images and optimize them well to rank your website well and get the audience’s attention.

Bland Call to Actions

Got the user’s attention! What next? What, how and where of the CTAs can make a notable difference. Your CTAs may look insignificant but they are the ultimate destination you want for the visitors.

Have a look at the page above with little to absolutely no clarity over the call to action (CTA), it just leaves visitors confused as to what to expect from. From the ineffective background to the inconspicuous CTA, you just can’t help feeling bored.

Work on fundamentals to create a smart and attractive call to action. From content, colour, size to even the background elements, every detail matter to help you craft a stunning CTA.

You can use the popular A/B Test to determine their effectiveness for your website. Employ some tweaks to adjust the CTAs to suit your conversion optimization efforts.

Lame Heading Titles

Give an amazing start to your website content with stellar headings. Often a play of a handful of words, your headlines must be conceptualized with tact. Stop generalizing things when users are looking for a personalized experience.

There can be only one heading for a page but you can easily create multiple header titles to create a better structure.

Create a killer H1 title to generate instant curiosity and attract more readers or visitors to your website.

➔ Ideally, do not exceed it beyond 25-30 characters.  

➔ Be specific with the purpose; use numbers if possible

➔ Focus on user intent

➔ Try using emotional words

➔ Create a sense of urgency

Let’s take another example:

If you’ve noticed, there is no fancy word as such but yet it appeals to prospective companies looking to open an online shop.  

Drafting an excellent website heading is not just important but leaves a lasting impression if played right.  Keep it simple, short yet with a zing factor to leave behind a positive impression on the visitors every single time.

What Next?

Having the best of the products does not bring in glorious results if you do not stick to the rules of the game!

If you have a botched-up landing page, it’s time to start fixing your mistakes with meticulous strategies – some of which have been explained in the blog – and start off your journey towards sustainable business success.

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