Harman Kardon Citation Oasis soon to Feature amongst Us!

Harman Kardon Citation

If you have been seeing the television commercial advertisements lately, you have heard of Harman Kardon citation oasis. It is a wonderful speaker enabled with an LED clock. Not only that, you can use it and charge at any time. It comes up with a wireless charging port. You can even speak and hear anything you want by using Google assistant. It is great. Citation oasis is even better than the earlier entity introduced to us ie citation 200. Harmon Kardon citation oasis will be available at around $ 199. In many of our houses, we love to put a speaker just beside our bed and in this, you can safely choose Harman Kardon citation oasis. We can select our favorite variant out of two colors available to us i.e. grey and black as a wireless rook speaker. Harman kardon citation oasis is noted for a full speaker system as well as an alarm clock system in the same set. You can customize it in several forms die in sleep mode.

What are the Additional Features of Harman Citation

  • Excellent Sound System for Speakers Coupled up with Other Facilities:

If you want an enriched form of Harmon kardon citation oasis, you can go for citation 700 soundbar. It presents an LED display to viewers who can enjoy listening and viewing the music control experience at the same time. Harman citation Sub can be brought in alignment with a citation beam for just a cost of £350 in foreign markets. You will not only get wireless audio speakers but also be assured of the portability of the set. If you are alone at home and need some good time for relaxation, consider using Harman kardon citation oasis. You will feel refreshed at the end of the day, even after eight to ten hours of constant usage.

  • Dirt Repellent Finish:

We can be safe of any kind of dirt that your alarm set might be exposed to. Your alarm cum speaker set will continue to work as before without any disturbance. Harman kardon citation oasis also has a flameproof fabric (enabled by kvadrat) which is equally good in terms of usage.

Additional Features in your Alarm Set:

Enjoy multiple features like chrome cast. Apple airplay or Google assistant that you were craving for all this while in your speaker set. Not only that, but Harman kardon citation oasis will also bring for you high quality i.e. high res audio that can safely cross twenty bits without any problem.

To Sum Up……….

Harman kardon citation oasis has planned to bring up lot of ideas early this year ie in 2020. We are going to experience high-quality speakers that can provide excellent sound quality with additional internet-enabled features. We can wish for any song and assist Google’s assistant to get them played on our speaker. At the same time, we can also use it as an alarm generator. With the development of Harman kardon citation oasis, we will not have to make a second thought. The brand is surely going to rock the market and take the business higher to the next level.

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