Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Professional Websites

Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Professional Websites

Professional WordPress websites can be effectively customized with plugins. There are over 50K WP plugins for you to choose from besides the host of other functional plugins developed by third-party developers. Now, when it comes to choosing the best WordPress plugin, you need to determine many factors. These factors are the nature of your site, your targeted audience, business niche, and more.

Know the Categories of Popular WordPress Plugins for 2020

The good news is there are several WP plugins under a single category like plugins for backup, plugins for forms, plugins for security, so on, and so forth. To choose the best WP plugins for your needs, you should first be aware of them, second, know their features, and compare them with one another.

The following are the top categories of WordPress plugins that you need for every professional website-

1. Google Analytics- The following are the best plugins for Google Analytics-

 · Analytify

· MonsterInsights

· WP Google Analytics Events

· Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

· Actionable Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce.

 2. Search Engine Optimization- The year 2020 is one where you cannot overlook SEO’s significance for your professional WordPress site. So, make sure you have any one of the following plugins installed-

 · Yoast SEO

· SEO Squirrly

· Rank Math

· SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

· All In One SEO Pack

 3. WordPress website BackUp- In the event of a website crash, you must ensure your site is running smoothly. The best plugin for WordPress backups can be any one of the following-

· Updraft Plus

· VaultPress

· BlogVault

· BackupBuddy

· Duplicator

The right WordPress backup plugin will ensure that you do not lose sensitive data in the event of accidents. It will also restore and retrieve the data to get your site back on track in no time.

 4. Security- Think about it this way; you will never leave a brick or mortar office for your business unlocked. You will have a strong security lock and key for protection. The same holds for your WordPress website, and this is where these WP plugins for security will come in handy-

 · WordFence Security

· Sucuri Security

· All In One WP Security & Firewall

· BulletProof Security

· MalCare

Note- Install a reliable WordPress security plugin to keep hackers at bay. When you hire WordPress developers to work on your business site, they will check for security loopholes. The Internet is galore with hackers and other cybercriminals ready to steal your sensitive information. They recommend you use a useful security plugin that will ensure your site is free from threats.

5. Cache- Your professional WordPress website must be fast enough. No visitor to your website would like a site to load slowly. WordPress plugins for caching address this issue, and you can pick any of the best plugins for the task-

· WP Rocket

· Hyper Cache

· Comet Cache

· WP Super Cache

· W3 Total Cache

Besides these five major categories for WordPress plugins, you will find others under the segments of forms, directory, popups, galleries, etc. Install them if your site needs them for the business.

However, experts in the field of WordPress say that businesses should always choose credible WP plugins after checking out honest user reviews online. In this way, they will ensure that their sites perform well without hassles. These plugins should be updated regularly for optimal functionality as well.

WordPress SEO plugins for maximum site visibility to a targeted audience

Professional WordPress websites will only perform well if they reach the targeted audience. As mentioned earlier, you cannot ignore the importance of SEO this year. Over 90% of every activity on the Internet begins with a Google search, and almost 39% of eCommerce traffic is generated from this search. Most successful businesses today have identified this trend and have adapted accordingly. Over 61% of organizations have considered search engine optimization, one of their most significant priority areas in 2020.

To make SEO success, you need-

1. The right phrases or keywords

2. Analyze the SEO campaigns generated

3. Track their performance

Unfortunately, many business owners are not able to manage the above successfully. Keeping this in mind, WordPress has stepped in with its plugins for SEO. Merely installing them on your professional website is all you need to do to get started. The rest is taken care of by the plugin; however, make sure you update it regularly to cause no problems on your site. Experts in WordPress plugin development focus on introducing innovative features so that your website looks professional and performs well.

Give your members a rich user experience with a useful WordPress membership plugin

If you own a website that invites members to your service or product, you can effectively use a useful WP membership plugin to offer them the ultimate membership experience. Most membership plugins give your site a custom field that members can fill in without hassles.

Do not forget to add WordPress form plugins to keep in touch with your customers

You need to stay in touch with your regular and potential customers, and this is where forms help. Professional websites must have a contact form for users to fill in their details to get in touch with you. You can register all their information and send out customized promotional and sale offers to them successfully.

WordPress Plugins give your professional business website the Midas Touch. This is why you should never overlook their significance for promoting your site to your targeted audience. Each WP plugin has its share of pros and cons. Make sure you go through them carefully. Choose the plugin that best complements your business site’s needs and grab the competitive edge in the market with success!

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