5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Label and Artwork Management Software

Questions to Ask Before Selecting Label and Artwork Management Software

Whether you are a small business or if you are a global brand using tools to oversee your Label and Artwork initiatives, it is likely that your teams use many communication methods to share and exchange content across the organization. And this can lead to a communication channel overdose. This could lead to inefficiency, receiving conflicting feedback, artwork versioning confusion, delay in approvals, etc. 

Companies have been striving for many years to manage the growing complexities of their supply chains and go-to-market packaging content. Labelling has become all the more complicated as data requirements continue to increase, and artwork management needs to meet these increasing demands globally. However, a unique and unified approach can lead to significant efficiencies and cost savings. 

As a result, organizations are increasingly exploring solutions that can help streamline communication through online proofing systems. This, in turn, can help make teams more efficient. Ask these questions before choosing the correct Label and Artwork Management software.

5 Questions to Ask before Selecting Label and Artwork Management Software

1. What are The Areas of Improvement in The Current Label and Artwork Management? 

Do you want to make your existing Label and Artwork Management system better? The best way to decide on an Artwork and Label Management vendor is by researching their customers’ success and identifying opportunities you can make the most of. Your Label and Artwork Management solution partner must realize that what has worked for someone might not necessarily work the best for you. Your partner should be engaged enough in your organization to help identify your unique challenges and prepare a strategy to address them.

2. Can I Configure The Solution to Meet My long-Term Demands? 

An Artwork Management solution may seem like the perfect fit for your organization today. But will it still be perfect in the long run? Business is not static, and people, as well as processes, change. You will be required to create and implement new workflows, new user groups, metadata, etc. Therefore, it is critical that your Label and Artwork Management solution can scale with you and easily be changed by you, as per your needs. You should hence, be on the lookout for a solution that enables you to make changes and ask for a vendor who is ready to train you on how to optimize the system. 

3. With which Platforms can The Label and Artwork Management Solution Integrate? 

Manufacturers need to focus on making their Label and Artwork Management solution a part of the ecosystem with smooth integrations. We say this because the ability to track the label and artwork lifecycle is important for traceability. This will help in removing the risk of inaccurate data between systems and eliminate the time spent on duplicate data entry. Therefore, you should ensure that the solution you opt for provides a turnkey solution to bridge all product-lifecycle related technologies together. 

4. Does My Approach to Innovation Make me Stay on The Cutting-Edge of The Industry? 

Ideally, a best in class Label and Artwork Management vendor will have savvy product development and technology teams who most certainly have their favourite source of new ideas and strategies for product features and functionality. A vendor’s response will provide insight into their commitment to product development and to stay ahead of industry trends. 

5. Who is Your Ideal Client? 

You would probably know what you want in a software vendor. If you are not compatible with your vendor’s standards and strategies, the partnership will fail to thrive. By understanding the persona of their ideal client, you will be able to understand the vendor’s priorities better and ensure that they align with your own. Once you can determine the compatibility, you can build the relationship.

Wrapping it all up! 

It is always challenging to ask teams to use a new tool, but to make it easier, you need to focus on your teams and not just the tool. You should remember that there is a risk to maintaining the status quo in Label and Artwork Management. 

For instance, ask questions like, where will your company be competing in the future and why? In what market segments? In what aspects of the industry? In which geographies? Based on what competitive advantage? Suppose the answer to any of these could change in the future. In that case, the chances are good that you cannot reasonably expect to maintain the status quo and the technology you are implementing currently might feel uncomfortable.  

Successful adoption of Label and Artwork Management solutions is dependent on expectations. The artwork function requires implementing a robust Label and Artwork Management system that can scale and evolve at the same time to be effective with the growing needs of businesses. 

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