5 Best Video Styles for Tech-Related Companies:

Best Video Styles for Tech-Related Companies

One of the toughest challenges for rookie tech-related companies is the initial penetration to the public. They have to face the top dog in the industry while serving a different option for customers. 

So, how do these companies face the hurdle?

Video marketing is the best answer, for that matter. 

Among all of the marketing strategies in the past decades, video marketing is well-known to capture the audience and generate leads in such a short time.

More often than not, brand-new tech-related companies are struggling when it comes to getting awareness. And, of course, it’d be such a big deal in the long run if a particular company doesn’t solve this dilemma first.

Video marketing has been proven to acquire new customers. It also offers a significant 60% returning customers rate with single video content. So, it’s safe to say that video marketing is one of the greatest, reliable weapons for marketers to increase their ROI.

Now the question is: what are the best video marketing styles for tech-related companies to boost conversion rates?

In this article, you’ll find the answer.

1. Explainer Videos

This type of video content is best for brand-new tech companies to penetrate the market. An explainer video, just like its name, involves a deep understanding of a brand or product with interesting content.

Simply put, your explainer video will demonstrate what your tech companies are all about within a minute. Therefore, making it suitable for an introductory video of any company.

A single explainer video covers thorough information about your brand with a compelling narration that leaves your audience’s stunned. Usually, it features animation or live-action style to fuel up the content without making it tedious.  

2. Product Demo Videos

It isn’t easy to capture the audience’s attention when you are a newbie in the tech industry. The current companies are ready to compete against you anytime, even when you’re not all set. 

This is what makes everything become so challenging.

Incorporating product demo videos in your presentation allows the audience to get a grasp of your product. The demo videos will showcase the features and benefits to meet the viewers’ expectations. 

Since it’s a bit hard to feel the product from tech-related companies physically, this type of video can help solve it. Your product demo video can represent what the actual product looks like and how to operate it well.

3. Company-Culture Videos

Showcasing your company culture in real life can attract the audience to get to know you better. So, if you aim to increase a massive awareness about your company, this engaging video type can be your go-to.

When it’s hard to compete against the big-name, your tech-related company can incorporate this strategy as a brand-new culture. It’d be easy in the long run when your targeted market has known who you are and what you’re doing.

Company culture videos offer you an excellent way to create a company branding. Successful branding will bring two or more different audiences. The first is your potential customer, and the second is the general audience who wants to work in your company. Lastly, it also attracts a non-targeted market that decides to use your product.

4. Video Presentation

Do you know that tech companies like Apple always hold a presentation whenever it launches a new product? 

Well, it’s very likely to happen in the tech-related industry. A presentation, for most all, is the fastest way to deliver your message to the public.

Although it may be handy to replicate this strategy, especially when you’re a brand-new tech company, it’s still useful to incorporate this method. 

You can apply this scheme by implementing a presentation in a video. That’s what we call a video presentation. 

This video content is apt for your tech company as it conveys a complex message in a short and enticing video. Your audience can get the most of the information just by watching the video presentation that you can arrange as it is to engage them.

5. Testimonial Videos

For the audience to trust the brand-new tech company is to implement the social proof around them. Unless you are a 50-year experienced tech company, you need notable reviews from your past clients.

Tech companies rely heavily on the user experience as it offers the services. Once the users are satisfied with the product, this is where the powerful word of mouth works. They will be adamant about staying on a particular product.

Hence, it’s crucial to create testimonial videos as social proof in order to gain a brand’s trust.

Using a testimonial video is nothing new in the business. It’s the back-up like a foundation that makes your company deemed credible.


Having video marketing is vital for every business to promote itself, especially in today’s competitive industry. Tech-related companies can benefit the most from incorporating this video content in their marketing efforts. 

As the tech-related product’s nature is often physically untouched, the product demo video can help the audience understand it thoroughly.

The key here is to understand your goal so that you can choose the right type of marketing video for your marketing strategy. For example, an explainer video is great to introduce a company within minutes. Or a testimonial video can help acquire new customers as it provides social proof for the audience. 


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond



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